We are thinking beyond the beverage and setting out to redefine the way we drink, by building a global brand that connects the dots between wellness and versatility, while trying to balance the needs of both people and the planet.
GoodBye to Bottles Drinkfinity

Our planet isn’t disposable – why are bottles?
We’re doing our part to redefine the way we drink, by saying goodbye to ‘single use’ bottles and hello to reusable, more sustainable bottles.
Pods and Bottles
Less plastic used.**
Each pod contains 65% less plastic than a comparable 20oz disposable bottle.
Gas Emision in Percentage

Big Taste, Less Waste.

We produce 32%** fewer greenhouse gas emissions in our production lifecycle.

32% savings in life cycle greenhouse gas impacts compared to a 20 oz. RTD beverage.**

How we stack up: Discover the power of our pods.
Compared to a typical disposable 20-ounce bottle beverage, a Pod uses up to 65%** less plastic and as a result requires 64% less plant space to produce. Pods use 27%** less water and emit 32%** less greenhouse gas emissions, in part because it takes 7 times** fewer trucks to deliver them.
Stacked up Drinkfinity Pods
Recycling of Drinkfinity Pods
Recycling made easy.
You can recycle all your used pods through the Loop recycle program. Mail up to 30 used pods at a time directly to Loop Industries — at no additional cost to you.
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**Life Cycle Assessment of Drinkfinity vs 20 oz comparable beverage implemented by Franklin & Associates and peer reviewed.