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The story

Rethinking how we drink

Our story started with one man's vision to make a better beverage for people and the planet based on how consumers value choice, freedom and authenticity. A vision for empowering people to create their own beverage experiences was born.

Like any start-up, Drinkfinity began with an informal group of believers who started to collaborate. They freely gave their personal time – at lunch, over coffee, after work – to help improve the concept. Steadily, Drinkfinity gained a powerful shape and soul.


The people

We like to make ideas happen

We're experimenters, innovators and explorers of life.

Drinkfinity is a PepsiCo-backed venture and has its home in Miami where it has always tried to act as an independent company. This approach allows us to work disruptively, as any startup company would, with the encouragement and support from PepsiCo leadership.


The intent

Our aspiration is to be an innovative beverage that is as good for people as it is for the planet; this is why every decision we make builds on our five pillars of sustainability.


We believe in making the best versions of our products, with the highest quality standards, designed to meet consumers' distinct needs and using the ingredients our consumers seek. By the way, Drinkfinity is never made with artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners.

We believe in meeting your needs – if there's any ingredient, functionality or flavor you'd like to see in our Pods, write us!


Less is more.

Our Pods currently use up to 65% less plastic than a comparable 20-oz. ready-to-drink beverage bottle and are constantly challenging ourselves to improve and make our products even better for the planet.

One of our most ambitious projects is to recover the plastic from Pods and use it in the manufacturing of new Pods. We are now testing breakthrough technology that will allow us to do exactly that. Stay tuned.


The use of innovative processing and the fact that the consumer adds water when they are ready to consume Drinkfinity helps us to increase water and energy efficiency thus using significantly less resources to manufacture than a ready-to-drink beverage.


Thanks to our partnership with, we are committed to providing access to safe water access to communities in need.

Our intention is to give our consumers the opportunity to meaningfully impact the water crisis across the developing world.

Business practices

We have ethical business practices, promoting responsible business practices across our entire value chain.

We adhere to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in everything that we do.

We hope to leave the planet a little better than we found it.


The reason

It starts with you.

The Drinkfinity movement is inspired by how we live today, and how we'll live tomorrow.

We want to help the world rethink how it drinks. And who better to guide that than the people of the world?

Drinkfinity is more than just a brand. It's a collaborative project – one shaped by the voices of real people like you. So share in the Drinkfinity story with us.

Join the movement, and be a force for change.