Posted by Anndell Quintero on 3rd Dec 2019

Buzz Around the Bottle

Buzz Around the Bottle

Launch of the new Drinkfinity bottle is now in full swing. Excitement behind the Drinkfinity bottle has been building and we’re thrilled to shout the compliments we have received from the roof tops. Here’s the buzz around the bottle!

PureWow has called us “a cutting-edge drink company aiming to reduce waste with its new multifunctional reusable water bottles,” capturing one of our primary objectives – the provision of a sustainable, reusable water bottle for use with plain water or in the creation of flavorful, functional beverage of choice at the pop of a pod. The aim of Drinkfinity is to reduce waste and provide more taste. At Drinkfinity we aspire to be a responsible beverage company. As part of this vision, we are committed to offering our consumers a great-tasting beverage while making our packaging more sustainable and fueling our future growth.

DuJour writes that “Drinkfinity’s new bottle design makes the process of customizing your water effortless.” The Drinkfinity bottle offers a novel user experience that empowers consumers to create truly customizable beverages. Users are free to drink plain water or enhance this water through one of nine delicious infusion pods, ranging from flavors like Raspberry Mint to Pomegranate Ginger. Drinkfinity also encourages hydration across its three functions; Electrolytes, Vitamins, or Caffeine.

PopSugar highlighted an accomplishment we are most proud of; helping promote the necessity of hydration for artist Ciara while on her Beauty Marks tour. “[Ciara] partnered with wellness drink company Drinkfinity — which recently unveiled a new stainless steel, vacuum-insulated bottle — to stay healthy and hydrated throughout the tour.”

We hope you’ll join us on your very own hydration journey. Pop, shake, hydrate! The Drinkfinity reusable bottle holds 20 fluid ounces and is vacuum insulated which helps keep your drink refreshingly cold for hours. Bottles are also BPA-free and made of double-walled stainless steel and available in 5 unique colors: Teal, Coral, Onyx, Plum and Pearl. Pod blends include purposefully selected ingredients for your enjoyment.